Optimizing Your Home’s Efficiency

home efficiency

Everyone wants to pay less for their heating and air conditioning energy bills. There are many ways to optimize your home’s efficiency so you can do just that. One of the best ways here in chilly South Dakota is to upgrade the efficiency of your HVAC system. 


When you’re ready to replace your old furnace, think about the annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE, rating. For a number of years now, the minimum AFUE for furnaces manufactured in the U.S. has stood at 78 percent, although it’s going up for parts of the country with the coldest winters.

If you have an older furnace it may be achieving an AFUE of only about 70 percent, which means a lot of your heating dollars are going up the flue. Newer, more efficient furnaces have AFUE ratings of 90 to 100 percent. They waste little or no fuel in the combustion process.

Efficient furnaces have sealed combustion chambers, which not only provide for more efficient operation of the furnace, but also prevent backdrafting of combustion gases in the home.

Air Conditioning

Even in a region like ours with a long winter, hot summers can drive up utility bills significantly. A more efficient air conditioner will help keep cooling season energy costs under control.

A/C efficiency is measured by SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio. This signifies the amount of energy needed to provide a certain amount of cooling. The minimum SEER mandated by the government is 13, but a higher SEER will provide greater efficiency.

For more about upgrading your heating and air conditioning systems, contact Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning, serving Spearfish, SD and the Northern Black Hills.