New Innovations in Mini Split Systems

Recent advances in ductless heating technology have made mini-split systems usable in climates once thought too cold. The latest improvements make these systems much more viable options for homes in this region for individualized heating. They also offer cost-efficiencies that rival combustion heating systems.

Inverter technology

A ductless system with inverter technology saves a great deal of energy and helps the heat pump keep up with heating demands in this cold climate. When equipped with an inverter, the compressor inside the outdoor condenser runs almost continuously. It adjusts its running speed to the amount of heating needed indoors.

When the indoor temperature is close to the thermostat’s setting, the mini-split runs at a low rate. It ramps up when you need more heat. Inverter technology, also called variable-speed operation, saves energy because it eliminates almost all the starting and stopping of the compressor. Air conditioners and heat pumps use the most energy when they first startup when most of the wear and tear on their parts occur.

Scroll compressors

A scroll compressor combined with variable-speed operation provides more heat than the standard ductless system. Scroll compressors extract more heat from the outdoor air by their design. The combination of these two technologies makes it possible to use a mini-split when temperatures are below zero.

Wi-Fi compatibility 

Wi-Fi thermostats certainly aren’t new, but their use with mini-split systems is. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can adjust the temperature from anywhere so that the room has time to warm before you’re ready to use it.

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