3 Things You Should Know About Your Air Conditioning

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Preventing an air conditioning repair with regular maintenance saves money and prolongs the life of your equipment. The time you invest pays you back in more efficient and dependable performance over the system’s lifetime.

1. Air Filters

The air filter for the indoor blower needs to be checked monthly and changed when it’s dirty. When filters are covered with dust, the airflow through the filter slows. This means it takes the air conditioner longer to cool your home. Which in turn, drives up energy consumption, reduces indoor comfort, and increases wear and tear.

When choosing new air filters, measure the existing one carefully and replace it with the exact size. Choosing the best filter available for your system will also prolong the life of your equipment. Check the owner’s manual or ask your HVAC technician to recommend the highest quality filter you can use.

2. Condenser Coil Cleaning

The condenser coil in the outdoor condenser is readily accessible and easy to keep clean simply by washing it off with a gentle spray of the hose. It’s also important to keep landscaping debris away from the condenser. Dust and grass clippings that cover the outdoor coil and fins slow the air conditioner’s ability to lose the heat the refrigerant absorbs from your home. It has to work longer and harder, which could prompt an unnecessary air conditioning repair. Remove anything that sits or grows any closer than three feet around the condenser to improve airflow through the coil

3. Refrigerant Levels

When HVAC professionals perform annual maintenance, they check the refrigerant level to verify that it’s within the level the manufacturer specifies. Too much or too little drives up cooling bills, and worse, low refrigerant levels can seriously harm the compressor, your system’s most expensive part.

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